Agriculture Department



Pilot Plant for Upscaling Extraction of Bioactive molecules from Medicinal Plants for Exploitation in Food and Health Industry

G.O.(D) No.117, Agriculture (AU) Dept. dated:10.06.2019



Accelerated Vermi-compost Production through automation

G.O.(D) No.118, Agriculture (AU) Dept. dated:10.06.2019



Pelletisation of Forage Crops for enhancing Livestock Productivity

G.O.(D) No.119, Agriculture (AU) Dept. dated:10.06.2019



Energy Department



Comprehensive condition monitoring techniques for lighting arresters of EHV/HV substations using Third harmonic leakage current measurement, Infra Red Thermography in live conditions and off line HV watt loss test

(G.O.Ms.No. 63, Energy Dept. Dated 25.09.2018).



Artificial Intelligence Based Active Grid Network Management to Minimise Renewable Energy Curtailment & Improve System Balancing  

G.O.Ms.No. 39,  Energy Dept. Dated 29.05.2019



Environment and Forest Department


Environmental award for best Ad-films on Environmental Protection, fit for telecasting in the public media

(G.O.(D) No.199 E&F Dept., Dt: 19.07.2018)


Establishment of orchidarium in Anamalai Tiger Reserve   

(G.O.(D) No.196 E&F Dept., Dt: 19.07.2018)


Smart classes in the forest schools of Tirurpattur forest division  

 (G.O.(D) No.185 E&F Dept., Dt: 17.07.2018)


Advanced barrier type through erection of Wire Rope Fencing along RF boundaries to mitigate human – wildlife conflict   

(G.O.(D) No.208 E&F Dept., Dt: 24.07.2018).

Tribal Eco Cultural Village – A living Museum in Sathyamangalam Division, Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve, Erode.

 (G.O.(D) No.189 E&F Dept., Dt: 18.07.2018)

Providing Solar powered Boats for Eco Tourism at Kalakad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve and environmental awareness 

(G.O.(D) No.203 E&F Dept., Dt: 20.07.2018)

Development Water management strategy in point calimere wildlife sanctuary

(G.O.(D) No.192 E&F Dept., Dt: 18.07.2018)

Proposal for “Long term monitoring of montane grasslands including establishment of field research station at Grass-hills area of the Anamalai Tiger Reserve, Tamil Nadu”

(G.O.(D) No.195 E&F Dept., Dt: 19.07.2018)

Generation of molecular markers in Terminalia chebula for genetic & phytochemical markers assisted selection of elite clones

 (G.O.(2D) No.04 E&F Dept., Dt: 8.2.2019)


Whole Transcriptomic and metabolomics of an elite clone of syzygium jambolanum, an antidiabetic medicinal plant

 (G.O.(2D) No.08 E&F Dept., Dt: 13.2.2019)


Handlooms, Handicrafts, Textiles and Khadi Department

16 Installation of  Vending machine for sale of Khadi and Village Industries product

G.O.(2D) No.12 HHTK(F2) Dept. Dated:01.07.2019



Health and Family Welfare Department


Establishment of Arthroscopic center in Secondary Care Institution at Cuddalore

(G.O.(Ms) No.107, H&FW(F2) Dept., Dated:08.03.2019).

Establishment of Hi-Tech Otto Rhino Laryngology Outpatient department in  Secondary Care Hospitals

(G.O.(Ms) No.106, H&FW(F2) Dept., Dated:08.03.2019).

Establishment of Human Breast Milk Banks in 5 Secondary Care Hospitals

(G.O.(Ms) No.108, H&FW(F1) Dept., Dated:08.03.2019).

Tamil Nadu Accident and Emergency Care Initiative - Establishment of Emergency department for 7 units in 3 Medical College Hospital as pilot basis.

(G.O.(Ms) No.88, H&FW (EAP II-2) Dept., Dated:07.03.2019).

Tamil Nadu Accident and Emergency Care Initiative - Portable CT and Transport ventilator for Emergency Room                           

(G.O.(Ms) No.90, H&FW (EAP II-2) Dept., Dated:07.03.2019).

Reduction of IMR – Salvaging preterm neonates 

 (G.O.(Ms) No.92, H&FW (EAP II-2) Dept., Dated:07.03.2019).

Pilot project for use of Intrathecal Baclofen pump for spastic children to reduce spasticity

(G.O.(Ms) No.91, H&FW (EAP II-2) Dept., Dated:07.03.2019).

Tamil Nadu Accident and Emergency Care Initiative - Point of care testing (POCT) in Emergency Room (ER) 

(G.O.(Ms) No.89, H&FW (EAP II-2) Dept., Dated:07.03.2019).
25 Establishing of Digital Communication Centre for Health Education at DPH Office, Chennai.G.O.D.No.1061, H&FWDept., Dated: 25.6.2019  
26 Strengthening the surveillance of Acute Encephalitis Syndrome in District Public Health Laboratories, Medical College Hospitals and King Inst. of Tamil Nadu

G.O.D.No.1063, H&FWDept., Dated: 25.6.2019

27 Establishing web based notification system for integrated Cancer Registry in TN under DPH, Chennai

G.O.(Ms) No.994, H&FW (P1) Dept., Dated:14.06.2019

28 Combating Mosquito menace by strengthening the web based communicable disease surveillance system with vector indices, water quality indices and climatic information in Tamil Nadu

G.O.D.No.1062, H&FWDept., Dated: 25.6.2019



Higher Education Department

29 Solar based Improved power quality interleaved boost converter fed marine boat involving DC/Hybrid Drive

G.O.(2D) No.27 Higher Education Dept., Dt: 19.8.2019



Highways and Minor Ports Department


Study on effect of Nano clay in Bituminous mixes

(G.O.(D) No.200 H&MP Dept., Dt: 19.07.2018)


Home,  Prohibition and Excise  Department



Purchase of Webcasting for all Polices Ranges, Commissionerates and Headquarters.

G.O.(Ms) No.47, Home (Pol.IX) Dept., Dated 21.01.2020



3D Scanning system for incident investigation

G.O.(Ms) No.47, Home (Pol.IX) Dept., Dated 21.01.2020



Creation of Counterfeit Indian Currency Profiling Unit" at at Forensic Sciences Department, Chennai.

G.O.(Ms) No.254, Home (Pol.XVII) Dept., Dated 28.5.2019



Information Technology  Department


Know Your Government                      

(G.O.(Ms).No.2 IT(e.Gov.I) Dept., Dated: 28.2.2019).


Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises  Department



Setting up of  1) Construction of e-auction hall 2) Construction of Direct Sales point 3) Software Development (SAGOSERVE)

(G.O. Ms. No.16 MS&ME(E)Dept. Dated: 14.02.2019)


Purchase of Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer and Geo- Technical Instruments for establishment of Analytical Hub    

 (G.O. Ms. No.28 MS&ME(E)Dept. Dated: 08.03.2019)


Modernization of Irula Snake Catchers Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd. 

G.O. Ms. No.17 MS&ME(E)Dept. Dated: 14.02.2019



Setting up of unit for the Production of Catechins (Kaikatty Industrial Co-Operative Tea Factory Ltd.,)

(G.O. Ms. No.13 MS&ME(E)Dept. Dated: 31.01.2019)


Public Department



Provision of Hospitality Klosks at Vaigai Tamil Illam and Podhigai Tamil Illam     

(G.O. Ms. No.330, Public (General-II)Dept. Dated: 04.05.2018.  


Fleet Management System with Tracking & Navigation facility

 (G.O. Ms. No.330, Public (General-II)Dept. Dated: 04.05.2018.  

Modernisation of Kitchen with modern Kitchen Equipments at Vaigai Tamil Illam      

(G.O. Ms. No.330, Public (General-II)Dept. Dated: 04.05.2018).  

Recreation facilities for Children and Guests at Vaigai Tamil Illam and Podhigai Tamil Illam Campus    

(G.O. Ms. No.330, Public (General-II)Dept. Dated: 04.05.2018).

Modernisation of Conference Hall with advanced &Visual System in Podhigai-Tamil Illam of Tamil Nadu House    

(G.O. Ms. No.85, Public (General-II)Dept. Dated: 31.01.2019).  

Modernisation of Kitchen with modern Kitchen Equipments at Podhigai-Tamil Nadu Illam of Tamil Nadu House   

(G.O. Ms. No.85, Public (General-II)Dept. Dated: 31.01.2019).  


Planning Development and Special Initiative  Department


E-Evaluation System- Upgradation  

(G.O. (MS). No. 70, PD&SI(ST 2&E) Dept. Dated : 20.08.2018)

Electronic File Management System
(Office Automation for e- Evaluation)

(G.O. (MS). No. 61, PD&SI(ST 2&E) Dept. Dated : 04.03.2019)

Developing a Software for Data Management Cell for Sustainable Development Goal      

(G.O. (MS). No.62, PD&SI(SPC) Dept. Dated : 04.03.2019)


School Education Department


Teacher Training Programme for Identification and Remedial Education for Specific Learning Disability to Tamil Nadu Government School Children and follow up mechanism of Orientation and SLD for all teacher in each block

(G.O.(Ms) No.51, School Education (ERT) Dept. Dt. 08.03.2019)


Social Welfare and Nutritious Meal  Programme Department

49 Online Tab based socio economic screening in field for flagship schemes

G.O.(Ms) No.10, (SW&NMP) Dept., Dated 22.2.2019


Introduction of Iron Fortified Rice in PuratchiThalaivar M.G.R. Nutrition Meal Programme and ICDS in the State of Tamil Nadu

(G.O.(Ms) No.240, (SW&NMP) Dept., Dated 28.3.2018)


Tourism, Culture & Religious Endowments Department


Installation of Floor Projection Mapping in the Children’s Museum, Government Museum, Chennai as an innovative to increase the footfall and to educate the children and general public

(G.O.(Ms).No.206,Tourism,Cultureand Religious Endowments (MA-2) Dept. dated: 16.11.2018)

Establishment of Social Media Engagement, Content, Development and Creation of Videos, Branding of Museums and Celebrity Marketing

 (G.O.(Ms).No.206,Tourism,Cultureand Religious Endowments (MA-2) Dept. dated: 16.11.2018)

Making a VR 3D Virtual Museum with select 50 unique antiquities of Anthropology which has been housed in the Government Museum,  Chennai

(G.O.(Ms).No.206,Tourism,Cultureand Religious Endowments (MA-2) Dept. dated: 16.11.2018)

Making interactive Touch Screen Presentation to engage the visitors in the Numismatics, Philately  and Bronze icons Galleries of the Government Museum, Chennai  

(G.O.(Ms).No.206,Tourism,Cultureand Religious Endowments (MA-2) Dept. dated: 16.11.2018)

Making interactive Touch Screen presentation to engage  the visitors in the Pre History,  Geology, Civilization and Science and Technology Galleries of the Government Museum, Chennai

(G.O.(Ms).No.206,Tourism,Cultureand Religious Endowments (MA-2) Dept. dated: 16.11.2018)

Making a VR 3D Virtual Museum with select 50 unique antiquities of Numismatics which has been housed in the Government Museum, Chennai

(G.O.(Ms).No.206,Tourism,Cultureand Religious Endowments (MA-2) Dept. dated: 16.11.2018)


   Youth Welfare and Sports Development Department


Establishment for Portable Bio Toilets for use of NCC Cadets during camps.

(G.O.Ms.No.18, YW&SD Dept., Dated:18.07.2018)

Mobile based Tournament Operating System

(G.O.Ms.No.17, YW&SD Dept., Dated:18.07.2018

Pedagogy Laboratory for Teaching, Testing and Training in Physical Education

 (G.O.Ms.No.20, YW&SD Dept., Dated:18.07.2018)

Traditional Kalaripayattu and Silambam Training Centre

 (G.O.Ms.No.19, YW&SD Dept., Dated:18.07.2018)


Welfare of Differently Abled Persons Department

61 Providing Electric Scooters for the Differently Abled Persons  

Development and operation of a dedicated web portal for streamlining philanthropy, employment generation and grievance redressal fro the disabled in Tamil Nadu

 (G.O.Ms.No.29, WDAP Dept., Dated: 30.7.2018)



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